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Manchester City

As a big Manchester City fan I thought I’d review the season so far given that following the draw with Newcastle yesterday we can no longer win the league!

The point though is valuable in the chase for a top 4 finish as it means even if we draw another game united can’t us. Also because we play Arsenal at home 3rd place is in our hands and is much better than 4th which requires playing qualifiers (unless we win this years Champions League!).

Getting another trophy with the League Cup win was very important. To have 2 blank seasons would have been a disaster.

re the League it’s hard to remember how far ahead we were at the start of the season. i think we had a run of 6 wins with no goals conceded. Kompany getting injured was a big blow. As were KDM and Nasri. Aguero was also missing for part. Now all are back you can see the difference in the team. Leicester and Suprs have been unbelievably good and whoever wins deserves it.

The Champions League though can help turn an average season into a phenomenal one. Getting to the Semi-Finals is probably an over achievement and shows the benefits of topping our Group. It’s a shame that under the old rules we would probably have been a top seed but now it’s just the previous winners and champions.

I do think we can beat real Madrid and pray Ronaldo has a shocker. We’ve performed well against them in the past and should have won away last time after drawing at home.


Notes: Miles Grady went to his first Manchester City game in 1971 to see City v Norwich City at Maine Road. The best game was the Aguero injury time title winning goal v QPR. Winning the league the 2nd time v West Ham was good but nothing compared to the first time. Many derbies have been memorable with memorable goals from Shaun Goater and Shaun Wright-Phillips

Miles Grady Update

Miles is pleased to update the following changes:

Miles Grady Work Update have moved into fantastic new offices in Wilmslow. I am pleased with the interior refit which I helped lead. I studied, Google etc to understand how the outside feel can help staff motivation:

cloud accountant london

Miles Grady wood lift surround

CLoud Accountants Manchester

Miles Grady designed desk dividers

Miles Grady Personal Update

We are now a family of 6, with the addition of child number 4, a beautiful little girl.

We still have 2 dogs and roughly 20 chickens! I try and not get involved with the chickens but especially like the Blue (Manchester City) eggs!

Miles Grady manchester City Eggs

Miles Grady’s Manchester City Blue Eggs

Umbrella launch new website launch an exciting new look website.

Following the successful acquisition of the domain name and an initial quick temporary site update a full reworking of the website and name change to Umbrella-Company Limited has seen the new brand take shape.

The aim of the website is to offer a fresh but professional image while incorporating a fun element via the use of cartoon like avatar figures. The aim is to appeal to the entrepreneurial nature of UK contractors.

To coincide with the launch of the new website umbrella have launched a monthly newsletter and are offering agency consultants or contractors the chance to win an ipad for subscribing via titter and facebook campaigns.

Umbrella have also recently opened a London office and are currently sourcing another new office in Edinburgh.

Umbrella co uk for contractors

Umbrella co uk for contractors

Miles Grady 2014 Update

2014 has been a busy year for Miles Grady.

 Not only do we now have a 4th baby Grady. With 4  children you have to learn so much. Helping with homework is harder than expected but thank goodness for google. You can easily find ways to remember the difference between a 6 or 7 sided shape. Six and hexagon both have an x in the them! Not like in our day when you had to look through the 10 year old encylopedia. Whatever happened to encyclopedia salesmen.

I am now also a master of flight simulator x and the issues you can have with graphics/ add ins and running it on windows 8 ! 

I have also had to start playing football in the garden. I still can’t work out how a goalie can kick a ball so far.

We have been busy going through an exciting rebrand at Paymatters – now We were extremely fortunate to land the domain and have so far only done an initial rebrand. Our new full website is due to go live at the start of September 2014.

Personally I have decided MIles Grady will never make it as a professional golfer. Watching the majors professionals are on a different planet especially Rory Mcilroy.


PayMatters rebrand as Umbrella

Paymatters rebrand to Umbrella and to launch

I am delighted to announce the purchase of which perfectly reflects the services that are currently offered through PayMatters.

Miles Grady said “The umbrella brand will reflect the vibrant and entrepreneurial spirit of the contractors that we assist. It is without doubt the best domain name that was available and the reason we actively pursued it. We want to create a brand and business that people want to deal with and work for. Our new offices will also reflect this with plans including astro turf on the floor and bright and airy workplaces with relaxation and games areas. Our aim is that Umbrella will be the number one name that people refer to when they talk about contractor services. The change will reflect a new era in the business which will be lead by Stewart Davis, CEO and Jonathan Biddle, COO”.

Miles Grady is a founder of Paymatters Limited and negotiated the purchase on

As part of the rebrand PayMatters Limited has been renamed Umbrella-Company limited and PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP will become Umbrella Accountants LLP.


Our new website will be launched in the next 2 weeks:

Miles Grady

This is just a little about me, Miles Grady.

I was born in 1967 but still feel 20 something (OK 30 something!).

I have a wife, 3 children and one on the way. 2 dogs (Golden Retrievers), 20 chickens and quite a few fish.

I love watching sport on the TV and going to watch Manchester City. I like playing golf (and was once a single figure handicap), sailing, speed boats and driving. I enjoy walking the dogs, skiing (après ski) and mountain biking. In my mind I can ice skate but when I recently tried after 30 years or so found that I can’t. I still have ambitions of doing a marathon.

I can do the Rubik’s Cube in sub 40 seconds and even wrote a book on the subject.

I have previously worked at KPMG Peat Marwick, TSB, Mazars Neville Russell and CIS. I was key in setting-up and running Harrington Brooks, One Advice, Allclear Finance, PayMatters LLP, Paymatters Limited and PayMatters Accountancy Services LLP.

If you would like to discuss Paymatters reviews or even have a complaint about any of the above companies I am happy to listen. I strongly believe complaints and reviews are the best way for businesses to develop and grow.

I am happy to reward any suggestions that improve my business.

Best Regards,

Miles Grady BA Econ (Hons) ACA

PayMatters Reviews

As a director of Paymatters I strongly believe that reviews are the best way of understanding how well you are doing and can often be the greatest inspiration for improvement and change.

Fortunately the majority of PayMatters reviews we receive are positive and praise the service we and our staff provide. Each month we request feedback from people who have left PayMatters to ensure that they were happy with the experience while with us. Our service is regularly scored between very good and excellent which is great for us to hear.

However, when you are dealing with thousands of people there are sure to be some people who give negative reviews. For us these are the reviews we study and want to learn from.

Fortunately at PayMatters negative reviews are not normally something relating to an error on our behalf but can occur for a number of reasons.

For example:

The flexible employee working through PayMatters may have filed their timesheet late;

The end client may have not been available to authorise their work; or

Perhaps the agency did not send funds in time for us to process a payment.

The good news though is even these issues help us strive to improve.

We are regulalrly reviewing our paperwork to ensure it is clear and fully explains processes.

We strive to reply and act upon any queries we receive.

We now regularly remind people of deadlines, let people know each Friday whether they have had a payment processed and if not are willing to help chase and provide payments on account where necessary. We even stay open late on Fridays and work Saturday mornings to ensure peoplke who were expecting to be paid are not left short for the weekend.

If you have a PayMatters Review please do not hesitate in sending it to (especially if you feel there is anything we can dom differently or better).

PayMatters reviews by Miles Grady BA Econ (Hons) ACA

PayMatters Complaints

PayMatters Complaints – Why getting a complaint can be a good thing!

As a director of PayMatters I am not saying we like to receive complaints or that in fact we receive many but what is key for all businesses is to listen to complaints and take action to ensure that they don’t happen again.

One of the biggest business tips I can give is always listen to the feedback you receive. Often complaints are the event that leads to significant improvements in the service you are offering. For this reason at PayMatters all complaints are reviewed by a Director to ensure any problem is rectified, acted upon and if it was our fault that it will not happen again.

Types of PayMatters Complaints

What we idenitifed in our early days is that contractors want and need to be paid on time, everytime and always want their money in the bank by Friday.

We have therefore worked hard to ensure this happens in 99.9% of all cases and the feedback we receive on our service levels is always good to excellent and has also shown a history of improvement.

We ensure all people working through us are informed promptly when a payment has been made and critically tell people on Friday when all expected payments have been processed. This then enables PayMatters to act on any complaint before the close of business (and we even stay open late to deal with people who cannot contact us until after 6pm). We also operate Saturday mornings and operate 24 hour answering services to ensure any missed payments or urgent advances can be made – even at the weekend.

A missed payment is not necessarily ours or anyones fault but can arise if we are unable to allocate a bank receipt, haven’t received remittance until late Friday evening, an end client hasn;t been available to authorise a timesheet or if the worker themself has been late submitting a timesheet. What we do though is confirm that monies are due and advance funds to the worker even if we aren’t receiving funds that day. Sameday payment ensures a credit can be made within a matter of minutes.

It should be remembered that you can also receive a complaint when you are not a fault. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding. Even then though you can work to ensure in future your documentation is clearer and key points are highlighted.

Miles Grady – how to make swimming lengths easier

I’m currently on a big health kick for September. I have even played football for the first time in 10 years and tennis for the first time in 5.

One of my favourite exercise though us swimming.

One thing I always have tried to do us set myself a target ie must do 40 lengths today. What I’ve found though us it’s very easy to give up before reaching 40.

40 always seems such a long way off that I often find myself stopping say at 30. Instead of counting to 40 I have tried numerous things like breaking it down to 4 units if 10 or even 20 then 10 then 5 then 3 and 2 so it gets easier at the end.

What I’ve now done though is change my target. It is much easier to set yourself a time goal rather than counting lengths ie if an average length is 30 seconds then set yourself a target if 20 minutes. By doing this what you find is you turn off focusing on how far left you have but instead your mind goes blank and you just end up looking at your watch every 5 minutes or so.

It really works for me and I hope it does you.

Miles Grady